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Posted by Glenn Hall // July 24, 2017

real estate agents Chapel Hill NC

  Real estate agents Chapel Hill NC have a wonderful job. They get to buy and sell properties in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Chapel Hill has a population of just over 58,000, but is part of the Metropolitan Area that includes Raleigh and Durham. The combined population of the MA […]

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How to Monetize Your Buyers List

Posted by Glenn Hall // July 19, 2017

monetize your buyers list

  One of the goals of any real estate investor is to monetize your buyers list. Anyone who goes into business already has a list started. This list of potential customers and vendors are crucial to any business, including those involved in real estate investment. Your lists need to always grow and evolve with your […]

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Expect the Unexpected in Real Estate Investment

Posted by Glenn Hall // July 12, 2017

unexpected in real estate

  Learning to expect the unexpected in real estate can be a painful lesson. The real estate market is stronger now than it has been in several years, and that’s a welcome development. After going through the Great Recession and watching funding for mortgages and new business loans dry up, it is a great feeling […]

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