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How to Increase Your Home Value Through DIY

Posted by Glenn Hall // August 28, 2017

Increase your home value through DIY projects.

  If you want to sell your home, you probably plan on fixing it up. It is certainly true that updated, modern homes will bring top dollar on the real estate market, but what if you can’t afford all brand new stainless steel appliances? And where should you spend the money you DO have? There […]

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How to Make Money in Real Estate

Posted by Glenn Hall // August 23, 2017

make money in real estate

  That IS the bottom line isn’t it? Real estate investors want to make money in real estate. This industry offers flexible hours and financial freedom, and you can get your start regardless of the size of your investment. Some people only see real estate as more than a place to live or conduct business. […]

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The “How To” for Evicting a Tenant

Posted by Glenn Hall // August 21, 2017

Evicting a tenant

The “How To” for Evicting a Tenant No real estate investor wants to face the necessity of eviction. The journey that leads to evicting a tenant is usually long and troubled, with many arguments and temper flare-ups along the way. As a landlord, you and the tenant will benefit from a matter of fact approach […]

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